The Challenge to Human Freedom

THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY BY MARSHALL VIAN SUMMERS SECOND BRIEFING Humanity is approaching a very dangerous and very important time in its collective development. You are on the verge of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. You will be encountering other races of beings who are coming to your world seeking to protect […]

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Updated: On the word “GALACTICS”…. ~ Jan. 27, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

This is a very informative post by American Kabuki ( about how channelers receive their information, and how American Kabuki receives information from non-earthers, i.e. “Galactics” as well. Remember folks, the idea is for ALL to be ONE! So…please read this post, know that you and I are ALL Galactics, and… In Joy! Recently, David […]

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Oooh 😲

MEMORANDUM November 16, 2011 Attorney-Client Privilege To: Victoria Bjorklund, Simpson Thatcher Jennifer Reynoso, Simpson Thatcher Copy: President Bill Clinton, Clinton Foundation Founder Chelsea Clinton, Board Member, Clinton Foundation Terry McAuliffe, Board Member, Clinton Foundation Bruce Lindsey, Board Member, Clinton Foundation John Podesta, Special Advisor to the Clinton Foundation Board Re: Background on Teneo and Foundation […]

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Pedophile trafficking Busted.

More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart” The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of more than 2,300 suspected online child sex offenders during a three-month, nationwide, operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces. The task forces identified 195 offenders who either produced child pornography […]

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Big Pharmacy’s Fake Documents

Even though the big revelations about Big Pharma’s science paper research fraud came out years ago, most people are still not aware of this. Here’s the scoop: Drug companies routinely pay P.R. firms to ghostwrite clinical science papers which are published in medical journals and forwarded to the FDA to “prove” the drugs are safe […]

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