My Future’s Past

Eye visited my futures past and met my selves…talking with all of us fumbling over prepositions. Each of us soon came to merge within the one singularity of respecting the freedom of existences experiences. All unlearned those shackles of degradation… implanted memories of battles lost. Love’s shedding tears of weighted obligations which where only us. Individually coming to the realization of Ewe. In alternate streams of expression of self. Feline at best description. Teaching all of Me. Just what was not needed for this journey. Had to admit, Eye had been an awesome interstellar Sensi. Letting go of course required more strength than Qui had to give. But survival is… just that. Inner strength of streams of gratitude for lessons untold. Those excruciatingly palpating journeys of self revelation, revengeful as tolerant of not knowing who Qui where. Or how to leave, poised outside frequencies for loftier roads to evolve into a sea of consciousness light for lowering this one’s wings of humility. As the elusive thoughts created more of discernment in self appreciation. Becoming more focused than the other { Eye’s }, had maneuvered the World within { Eye }, so as to remain Sovereign without concurrence with myself , the Sensi, great teachers only offer ingeniously written books. Yet will not tell Ewe what to sea/look for nor how to deductively find the keys to self awareness. Freighting is when one begins to trust innately. That voice, the flashlight in the deepest crevice of the mind. Retrospectively realizing that the scariest moment is when one begins to believe in trusting the heart. Wisdoms Barrier is what Qui stated this chasem was overstood to be known as. My twelth Self intervened with her recollection remembrances of transcending these doorways of thoughts. The various schools of thought She patiently stated in a voice which gave off an aroma of honeysuckle flowers, or so this was pushed in my heart/Mind, as eye had no memory of what a honeysuckle even looked like or even had such a fragrance that enunciated the kiss of a romance, never experienced. All at once Flushed with the memories of never having been kissed. { I’d } immediately began streaming Terra’s tears of neglect. My life though filled with adventure, adversaries and adversity… the altitudes of adrenaline’s rush into those battles for Other Worlds Empires… nothing prepares one for this…

Remembering that this frequency had Never known the subtlety of a kiss. 

Then silent became the space time continuum. The darkness of always alone, never had this vibration even considered this darkness had become my home. 

There still remained the others who only nodded in recognition of their brother , being so very far from home. Hearing the anguished droplets of live rolling down the faces of us all Synchronistically in awe of the others travels, unlearning on our own.

%#>|{# fu_ing Alarm clock!!!! 

Oh it’s Ewe again. 

Namaste 🙏🏻. Qui do remember… 

This why, is not the only one. All are us. Each one here 4.5 Billion of One. Are Eye {I}, the Universal pupil. To learn. Transcend, evade break free of everything. Unlearning is a real MF. Hearing Samual Jackson’s’ voice in my mind… 

learn to laugh, dance and never really stop what shares the heart’s magic. 





Energy.   Sharing this sensation lights up everything.

Be Excellent… Always.


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